Nobody can offer you a better job than the one YOU can create for yourself.

the book in 235 words






This book was like hearing someone describe what I’ve only thought in my mind but couldn’t put into eloquent words. It will serve as a great reference and guide to rethinking your career path.

– Bereket Kelile​

With a focus on creating a better target to aim for, and finding the skills to achieve it, this book is a guide to building a modern 21st. career.

– Terrance Layhew

I found myself underlining things I wanted to remember, and that didn’t let up until I had reached the end. Just get it. And then get your pencil out.

– Brent Ramsay


Suit up philosophy podcast with terrance layhew
State of Client Acquisition with Michal Bohanes

Evan works with companies around the world and helps entrepreneurs start, scale, and sustain their businesses. 

He is a former athlete, strength trainer, shoe salesman, airborne infantryman, singer, choir director, fundraiser, and humanitarian. 

In 2016, Evan and his wife, Tyanna, decided to live and work differently. Since then, they have lived in four countries, traveled to over 30, and worked with entrepreneurs in more than a dozen.

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